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Kerla Ayurvedic Centre

Etymologically Ayurveda has two words - Ayu and Veda. Ayu means life and Veda stands for the knowledge. So strictly speaking Ayurveda is knowledge for life. For what this knowledge is ? What is the aim of Ayurveda? Talking about both Paramount Scholars of Ayurveda- Charka and Sushruta has told that- Aim of Ayurveda is to prevent the diseases in a healthy person and to cure the diseased one. They have given these following definitions of Ayurveda :

Ayurveda is a science of life. It tells what is good and what is not for the healthy life .
An eternal knowledge, aimed to cure the diseases of all creatures is Ayurveda .
Ayurveda is a science, which tells us how to use foods, herbs, medicines, surgical procedures and other natural resources for maintenance of health .
All natural things and their effect on body are where discussed that science is known as Ayurveda Where all ailments of body and mind are cured and made healthy is Ayurveda .
From these definitions it is clear that Ayurveda is a complete knowledge about life, which deals with all the health concerns of the people and also helps in maintaining the wellbeing .

  • Kerla Ayurvedic Centre at Tapovan Resort Rishikesh is a perfect place to rejuvenate and revitalize our mind, body and soul. The hospitality and warmth of the place is overwhelming and irresistible. Kerla Ayurvedic Centre at Tapovan Resort Rishikesh is perfectly situated at the foothills of Himalayan Ranges in the Lands of Gods- Devbhoomi.
  • Everything absorbed by five senses like Mouth (food, water), Nose (Breath), Ear (Chanting, sweet music), Skin (Sunlight), Eyes (Nature) is Food and Kerla Ayurvedic Centre at Tapovan Resort Rishikesh provides the best to all five senses.
  • The magnificent and healing ambience of Rishikesh and your stay with us is a complete revitalizing experience because along with a comfortable and homely stay we provide a holistic Ayurvedic healing. We have highly experienced Vaidyas who personally consult the guests and prepare a customised Panchkarma treatment depending upon multiple factors gathered through consultation and physical examination.

Kerla Ayurvedic Centre at Tapovan Resort Rishikesh Ayurveda Spa in Rishikes 2000 years ago, Ayurveda was born and developed in India. Kerla Ayurvedic Center & Spa is the finest and best Spa in Rishikesh for a variety of Ayurvedic massage therapy & treatment, apart from bursting gamut of day spa therapies. Our Ayurveda treatments are anxious relaxation treatment, various Ayurvedic massages treatments, Ayurveda beauty therapy, Ayurveda treatment therapies for body and mental troubles, Ayurveda slimming therapy, health spa and Ayurveda treatment for above mentioned diseases.

Our Ayurveda treatment in Rishikesh is as follows

Kerla Ayurvedic Massage & Treatment Price Detail With Time Duration

Massages Duration
Sarvangabhyanga ( Fully Body ) 60 min.
Cooling Massage 45 min.
Udvarthanam ( Powder Massage ) 45 min.
Chavitti Uzhichil ( Full Body Massage with foot ) 60 min.
Special Ayurveda Massage 60 min.
Synchronised Massage 45 min.
Herbal Body pack ( With Ayurveda massage ) 75 min.

Massages Duration
Shirodhara 45 min.
Shiro Abhayanga 25 min.
Head Shoulder Spinal Massage 45 min.
Patra Pinda Swedan 60 min.
Foot Massage 30 min.
Herbal Facial 45 min.
Vedova's Special 60 min.
Nasyam 40 min.
Sirodhara Massage 80 min.

Treatments Duration
Patra Pinda Swedan 60 min.
Choorna Swedan 50 min.
Nasyam 40 min.
Netra Tarpan 40 min.
Karna Poornam 30 min.
Kadi Vasti 40 min.
Janu Vasti 40 min.

From The Desk Of Expert

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    Johnson C John

    Massage & Spa Expert

    "Kerla Ayurvedic Centre in Rishikesh Refreshing and relaxation massage are welcome & resourceful means of getting ease of body and peace of mind. In today’s world Ayurveda massages amidst assortment of intense, pressure, busy work schedule and population. Among diverse systems and techniques of such relaxation massages, Ayurveda massages are globally prominent and conspicuous. Though we provide all important categories of Ayurvedic massage, this article deal mainly with our world class Ayurvedic relaxation massages, offered for unforgettable and immense services to international & Indian people at our reputed massage centre at tapovan resort. Other categories of Ayurveda massage offer by us are rejuvenating & relaxing massage, skin glowing massage, beautification, massages for treatment of certain diseases and body massages & ailment for specific objective. Our well resourced, experienced and reliable spa centre provides various types of internationally acclaimed, massages in addition to Kerla Ayurvedic massages . "

    In addition beautification massage services, Kerla Ayurvedic Centre also provide plentiful packages from time to time, which contain diverse combination of these relaxation services in order meet each & every need of Ayurvedic massage in India. These refreshing and relaxation massages covers the categories of hand and feet massages, back massage, head & face massage, shoulder and head massage, health spa and the whole body massage. Additionally massage oil used by our massagers & melodious and refined therapists are specially prepared herbalised oil for massages are sensitive plants, country mellow and winter cherry. Sesame oil and olive oil are the most common base oil for the preparation. aromatic oil used by us for Aromatherapy, are basil oil, sweet orange oil, rose oil, lavender oil and rosemary etc. for Ayurvedic massages herbs and oil that are being used typically depend upon the medical condition of the person being treated & specific requirement. Kerla Ayurvedic Centre is distinguisshed & preffered for Ayurveda & Signature massages in the Himalayas.

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